Evoking mountain life in the city
Tawara-an West: An inn shining with a beautiful courtyard

The Goshominami area once flourished as the center of ancient Kyoto. To the north extends the Kyoto Gyoen National Garden, containing the Kyoto Imperial Palace. To the east runs the Kamo-gawa River, a popular place for local residents to relax. As the commercial centers of Shijo Karasuma and Shijo Kawaramachi areas are within walking distance, the location is the leading residential area in Kyoto.

In one corner of this Goshominami area lies Tawara-an, which comprises Tawara-an West and Tawara-an East, both located on Tominokoji Street. The locations were once traditional townhouses that combined living and retail spaces, and their dignified appearance is reminiscent of the luxury of bygone days. Even the scrolls of Kaishu Katsu were once housed here.

After entering the gate, you pass through a side gate into the interior. Tawara-an East, located at the end of a passageway garden, was constructed in 1897. What first jumps out at you is the open room with vaulted ceiling. Beyond the room is a spacious courtyard garden offering glimpses of the playful nature of the gardener. The luxurious umbrella pine bath facing the courtyard garden is also charming. Beyond the raised tatami-floored seating area of the hall are two Japanese rooms that still retain their alcoves, and two bedrooms complete with Simmons beds. On the second floor is an impressive Japanese room with old-style fixtures, fusama sliding doors and Kyoto-style tatami mats. From the connecting corridor, the room with the vaulted ceiling and the courtyard garden can be viewed. Fusing the atmosphere of a traditional townhouse that is apparent down to the fine details with a modern interior, this high-grade inn invites you into an extraordinary world.

Courtyard garden arranged with Kyoto tree stumps

The courtyard garden is one of the townhouse’s distinctive faces. The courtyard garden of Tawara-an West is so impressively spacious that it is hard to imagine you are in the middle of the city. The various colors come from autumnal leaves, camellia, Japanese andromeda, sea bilberry and longstalk holly. Trees that actually grow in the mountains around Kyoto are tended to, showing the expression of each season. Curbstones and roof tiles used in the townhouse before it was renovated have been re-used here, expressing the mountains of Kyoto such as Mt. Hieizan and Mt. Atagoyama in the form of stonework. You can look out lazily from a room, or venture out into the garden and linger in a relaxed way. The luxurious courtyard garden allows you to enjoy yourself in a private space.

Rented based on each building (100 square meters)
Capacity: 2 – 10 guests
Check-in: 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Check-out: 11:00 a.m.
Smoking is prohibited / Bathroom and toilet are separate / Lavatory is equipped with a washing area and a bathing area
Internet (Wi-Fi) is available for free.